Knee Deep by DE Haggerty

Knee Deep is the fourth and final book in the ‘Love in the Suburbs’ series, and tells the story of Violet and Luke, former high-school sweethearts, brought into each other’s orbit again by mutual friends. They definitely have unfinished business!

DE Haggerty has been hinting at their secret since Grandma unsuccessfully tried to pair Luke off with Shelby in the second book, though they did remain friends. Violet started working for Frankie and Jackson at F&J’s Events in the third book, and sparks flew whenever she and Luke came into contact with each other.

Obviously, there was no way they could keep their past a secret for very long with Grandma and the rest of the gang nagging away at them. Lack of communication and jumping to conclusions are behind the bad feeling that exists between Luke and Violet. Thrown together at various parties and weddings, they have to learn to trust one another again, as the attraction between them is as strong as ever.

Right from About Face (the first book in the series), Grandma has stolen the show. I’ve said it before, but she is hilarious on the page, but would be a nightmare in real life as she does not respect anyone’s boundaries. She means well, but just can’t keep her nose out of everyone’s business as she goes about her matchmaking.

Told alternately from the points of view of Violet and Luke, we get both sides of the story. There is not much in the way of plot, but with the weddings of both Shelby and Jackson, and Bailey and Roman, and the associated fuss of the hen (bachelorette) parties, the story moves towards a satisfying conclusion.

As you would expect with a group of young people who spend a lot of time together, there is a lot of banter; the slang is very American and I didn’t always ‘get’ it, but it didn’t detract from my overall enjoyment of the story. This series has definitely run its course. It is quite difficult to sustain the reader’s interest, as there tends to be a lot of repetition, but well-drawn, likeable characters go a long way to making up for that.

Thanks to DE Haggerty for a copy that I review as a member of Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT

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