Borderlands by LJ Ross

I have read and enjoyed all of the DCI Ryan novels by LJ Ross, but Borderlands just did not quite live up to expectations. The elements that drew me to this series are still there – strong sense of place (Northumberland) and well-written main characters (especially the relationship between Ryan and Frank) – but this story lacked focus as the team were all engaged in different directions. The plot left a lot to be desired as some of the supposed links were never explained. The ending was very unsatisfying with more questions than answers.

I thought there was too much emphasis on the home lives of the detectives. The sheer improbability of them all living and working with their partners has become far too cosy, and would not be allowed in real life (I know it’s fiction, but it still jars).

I agree with a lot of the other reviewers that this book felt a bit rushed, and would prefer fewer books each year, but to a higher standard. Nevertheless, I will continue buying this series, mainly because of Ryan. I have the latest one, The Shrine, lined up on my kindle, and look forward to reading it very soon.