The Sight of You by Holly Miller

In The Sight of You, Joel has prophetic dreams and this should be completely unbelievable, but somehow it’s not. It’s written in such a way as to make it seem perfectly plausible. Mostly, he keeps this information to himself as he is wary of the reactions of others, but it is seriously affecting his mental health.

Naturally, he has avoided serious relationships as he only dreams about people he loves, and the dreams always come true – both good and bad – unless he can alert the person involved without giving too much away. His family don’t know, and just think he’s weird.

He falls in love with Callie, but dreams about her death. He knows when it happens, but not how or why, so can do nothing to prevent it. Callie does not want to know, and he can’t stay with her if only he knows, so what can they do? What would you do in this situation; would you want to know what the future held?

The Sight of You is Holly Miller’s debut novel and shows her to be a very talented writer. Told from the alternating viewpoints of Joel and Callie, with well rounded, believable characters and the unusual background of nature conservation, this is not a typical romance novel. The relationship between Joel and Callie is really great without being overly sweet or slushy; they just seem to bring out the best in each other. It will certainly take you on an emotional roller coaster of a journey.

I really enjoyed the way Holly Miller has taken such an unusual idea and turned it into a wonderful and insightful story. I’ve read that they are going to make The Sight of You into a film. I think it will work really well, and look forward to seeing it on the big screen.   

Thanks to Bookends and Hodder for a copy to review.