The Dog Share by Fiona Gibson

In The Dog Share, Ricky and his son make friends with a stray dog on the beach, while visiting his father, Harry, on the Hebridean island of Sgadansay, but it runs off just when they have to catch the ferry to go home. Some time later, Suzy is staying on the island, trying to sort out problems at the distillery caused by the mismanagement of her ex partner, Paul, when a scruffy terrier, looking very cold and hungry, turns up at the door of her rental cottage. When the dog’s owner cannot be found, Suzy decides to keep him and names him Scout. He then acts as a kind of go-between, helping her to forge new relationships, as everyone loves the little dog and wants to help take care of him.

Told in alternating chapters mainly from the points of view of Suzy and Ricky, we get the story from both sides. The main characters are well written, though their romance is a bit underdeveloped; I would have liked a bit more interaction between them for their relationship to be believable, especially as they don’t even meet until quite far into the story. The situation at the distillery also feels underused. I think a bit of backstory and character development would have given a more rounded picture, as I had trouble differentiating the various people who worked there. Cara the artist was also an intriguing  character who deserved a bit more room on the page.

Having enjoyed some of Fiona Gibson’s previous books, I thought I’d give The Dog Share a try as the Hebridean setting appealed to me. The wonderful descriptions of the island scenery made me long to return to Scotland, which I hope to do as soon as it is possible. It was also refreshing to come across a romance between characters in their forties who have lived a bit, but there is no escaping the fact that the scruffy terrier is the star of the show.

Thanks to Avon and NetGalley for a digital copy to review.