Both of You by Adele Parks

Two women are missing, with nothing to obviously connect them, but the investigating officer, DC Clements, can’t shake off the feeling that their disappearances are linked. Is she right?

Both of You is told from multiple viewpoints, none of whom can be wholly trusted, which paints a rounded picture of events, but also adds to the confusion. The pace is a bit uneven in places, though there are lots of unexpected twists to keep you guessing, and what I felt was a fairly unsatisfying ambiguous ending.

The characters are well drawn and clearly defined with distinct voices, but I could not empathise with any of them. Despite this lack of interest in the characters, the quality of the writing kept me turning the pages. At the beginning I suspected everyone and questioned their actions; later on it became obvious who the perpetrator was, but their motivation was far from clear.

I enjoyed Both of You, but it did not quite live up to her previous book, Just My Luck, which I read and really enjoyed last year; there the main character was flawed but still relatable which made all the difference. Thanks to HQ and NetGalley for a digital copy to review.