What His Wife Knew by Jo Jakeman

When the body of Oscar Lomas is found at the bottom of a remote cliff in the Peak District, it is assumed to be suicide, but Beth cannot accept that her husband took his own life. She needs to find out the truth before she can move on, and in the process discovers that Oscar was not the man she thought he was. The deeper she digs into his life, the more secrets she reveals. He was not a good man, but controlling, arrogant and selfish.

Told from the perspectives of Beth, her friend Molly, and DC Lowry Endecott, What His Wife Knew is a gripping psychological thriller, full of twists and misdirection, where everyone has something to hide. The characters are well written and believable, but it is difficult to empathise with a most of them. You keep on reading because you want to know what really happened, rather than because you care about the characters.  At first, I didn’t much care about Beth either, but her character develops throughout the story and I admired her tenacity. She goes from being a stay-at-home wife and mother to taking control of her life as she works through the stages of grief from denial to acceptance. I previously enjoyed The Safe House by this author, so was keen to read What His Wife Knew and I was not disappointed. Thanks to Random House, Vintage and NetGalley for a digital copy to review.