A Wedding in Provence by Katie Fforde

Following on from A Wedding in the Country where three young women, Lizzie, Alexandra and Meg, meet on a cookery course and become firm friends, A Wedding in Provence is Alexandra’s story. A chance meeting in Paris leads to her being employed as a nanny to three French children who live in a chateau in Provence. Their father is absent a lot of the time, and their mother left many years before, so they present her with a bit of a challenge to say the least. However, Alexandra is a capable and resourceful young woman and, despite disapproval from almost everyone she meets, gradually gains the children’s trust. Her relationship with them is the main focus of the story, with the romance almost taking second place.    

I have read all of Katie Fforde’s novels over the last twenty years or so, and A Wedding in Provence has a lot of the familiar elements that make her books so memorable. Although it features several characters from her previous book, it won’t matter if you have not read it. It stands on its own just fine, but some things will make more sense if you do.

It is always a pleasure to escape from the real world into a Katie Fforde book, and this is no exception, though I still like her early books the best. The characters are well drawn and believable, and there is a strong sense of time and place, with France in 1963 vividly depicted. It definitely makes you want to book a holiday in Provence and head off in search of the sun. I’m hoping that the next book will be Meg’s story and continue the 1960s theme. Thanks to Penguin and NetGalley for a digital copy to review.