Anything Could Happen by Lucy Diamond

I have not read anything by Lucy Diamond for quite a few years, but remembered enjoying some of her early books so thought I’d give Anything Could Happen a try. I’m glad I did. Having always believed that Steve was her father, and that he simply didn’t want anything to do with her, Eliza is shocked to discover that he wasn’t. Instead, her biological father turned out to be someone her mother had met briefly on a trip to New York as a young fashion journalist. Lara and Ben spent one amazing night together and arranged to meet the following evening, but she never saw him again.

Eliza is understandably cross with her mother for not telling her the truth, so the two of them set off on a road trip to find Ben and hopefully get some answers. Revisiting her past, and remembering the ambitious young woman she once was, forces Lara to take stock of her life. This is not a light-hearted romance novel, but shows the realistic impact of the decisions they took on all of them. While you can imagine that you know where this story is going, there is always the chance that the predicted outcome won’t happen (just think One Day and Always in December), so I’m not giving anything away when I say that the ending was just right.

The characters are well developed and believable, and I always love a road trip so visiting Scarborough, Cambridge, New York and Edinburgh was a pleasure. Anything Could Happen is a story of missed opportunities and second chances that will both warm your heart and make you think about what might have been. Thanks to Quercus and Friends of Bookends for a copy to review.