The Curfew by TM Logan

To celebrate the end of their exams, Emily, Olivia, Drew, Connor and Zac go into the woods, but only four of them will make it out again. To begin with, it is not even clear which one of them has gone missing as Connor tries to cover up the fact that he has missed his curfew. The story is mainly told from his father Andy’s point of view, with occasional chapters by others, and flashbacks that gradually reveal the events of the night in question. As the story progresses and more details come to light, I changed my mind several times about who was responsible as the author lays false trails and peppers the narrative with red herrings galore.

The pace is a bit uneven, and the first half overly descriptive, but it picks up nicely as the ending approaches. A lot of topical subjects are covered in the narrative such as bullying, drink spiking, and the toxicity of social media and the press. The main focus is how the parents of teenagers can balance the need to give them more freedom with trying to keep them safe. The parents in The Curfew are all faced with the dilemma – how far would they go to protect their child?

This is the first book by TM Logan that I have read but it won’t be the last. The characters are well drawn and believable, even the less likeable ones. My favourite was Harriet, Connor’s younger sister, whose computer and detective skills were exceptional and helped to solve the case. Thanks to Zaffre and NetGalley for a digital copy to review.