Theres No Place Like Home by Jane Lovering

I first discovered Jane Lovering’s books more than ten years ago, but hadn’t read any for a while. I got an invite from Boldwood Books to try There’s No Place Like Home, and I am so glad I agreed. The premise is quite unusual as it involves a group of contestants taking part in a reality TV show.They have to spend a month living in tents on the Yorkshire moors in the middle of winter, filming themselves, and trying to find evidence of the existence of a mysterious big cat. It’s not exactly ‘Love Island’, so what’s the attraction?  They will all be paid a small amount regardless of the outcome, but only get the big payout if they can produce definitive proof that the cat was there. Each of the five contestants, and the Celebrity Tracker, have their own reasons for being there.

The story gets off to a slow start as we find out more about Izzy, Mac, Seb, Ruth, Kanga and Junior. The characters are well written, and it’s easy to tell one from another. The all have something to hide. Their stories gradually come out as they relax and get to know each other. The dialogue is authentic, sometimes very funny, other times quite sad. The remote moorland setting is vividly brought to life, and extreme weather conditions test them all to the limit. I thought the slow-burn romance was believable and hoped it would survive. I enjoyed this so much, after finishing I carried on and read two more of Jane’s recent books which I will review very soon. Thanks to Boldwood Books for a digital copy to review.