Nobody Puts Romcoms in the Corner by Kathryn Freeman

Harry has split up with his girlfriend, but she refuses to move out of his house. As he is not a fan of confrontation, he hopes she’ll change her mind and goes to live somewhere else in the meantime. Sally’s sister has moved out and she needs a lodger to help pay the mortgage. When a drunken attempt at the ‘lift’ scene from Dirty Dancing goes viral on tiktok, Sally persuades Harry to re-enact other pivotal scenes from well-known romcoms with often hilarious results.

If you are a fan of romcoms, this is the perfect book for you right from the title onwards. On the other hand, I’m not sure it would make a lot of sense if you didn’t get the references. Both Harry and Sally have issues relating to their parents that affect how they see the world, particularly the possibility of finding love and romance. Harry has been materially well looked after by his parents, but never shown any love so he does not recognise it. Sally’s parents died young and she has an idealised view of relationships, but despite her obsession with romcoms she runs a successful business so is in touch with reality.

One of the themes explored in Nobody Puts Romcoms in the Corner is that actions speak louder than words – not everyone can put how they feel into words, but it doesn’t make it any less true. Another is that nobody can guarantee that their relationship will last forever – all you can do is take a chance and hope for the best.

The characters are well drawn and believable, and both main characters do change and grow as the story progresses. As the story is told from both their points of view, we get a rounded picture of what they are  thinking and feeling. There is a lot of humour, occasionally verging on the cheesy, and some serious issues as well. The films referred to are all ones I remember, and overall this was an enjoyable trip down memory lane. Thanks to One More Chapter and NetGalley for a digital copy to review.