Valley of DeathI have been a fan of the Ben Hope series of novels since the beginning, and Valley of Death did not disappoint. Set in India, he must find out what happened to an old friend. This puts him in the path of some very ruthless people.

While this could be read as a standalone thriller, I would recommend starting with the first one (The Alchemist’s Secret) to get a better picture of how this character has evolved. This series is all about Ben Hope; the details may change, but he is always the same –  you can depend on him to go the extra mile, and do what he does best.

You will travel the world, and get a history lesson into the bargain, but ultimately Ben Hope will save the day. Sometimes it’s easy to forget he’s a fictional character as he is so well written, flaws and all.

What makes him different is that he does not glorify the violence, but simply uses it as a means to an end. This is the nineteenth book in the series, and I hope Scott has no plans to retire Ben Hope any time soon.