Monsters in the Mist by Tom Williams

I chose Monsters in the Mist from a list submitted to Rosie’s Book Review Team, and thank Tom Williams for supplying a copy in exchange for a fair and honest review. The last time I had any interest in vampires, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was at its height, but I love crime fiction and was intrigued by the premise of Monsters in the Mist. A dismembered body is found on a remote Welsh hillside and, as it is feared it might be another werewolf attack, Chief Inspector Pole from the Metropolitan Police ‘Section S’ is brought in to investigate. Being a vampire, and the limitations that brings in terms of exposure to sunlight, he seconds his colleague Chief Inspector Galbraith (also from the Met) to help out, ably assisted by DC Jane Ellis from Section S. They make an unlikely pair, but she is very capable and keeps Galbraith on his toes. They pose as a couple of hillwalkers to try and gather some intelligence. What they find is infinitely worse than any werewolf could ever be.

It emerges that the victim worked at Porton Down, in the accounts department, and her suspicions led to her death. She discovered anomalies in a genetic engineering project that had gone way beyond its initial remit. The book is fairly short and can be read in a single sitting, the characters are believable, there is plenty of action and the whole thing is peppered with dark humour. Apparently,Tom Williams writes these as a light-hearted contrast to his more serious historical fiction which I have not read, yet. Despite being the third book in the series, I had no trouble following the plot, but have already downloaded the others and plan to read them very soon to find out how this unusual collaboration came about. Monsters in the Mist is an interesting and unusual take on the detective novel, and I hope Tom Williams plans to write many more in this entertaining series.