Under a Gilded Sky by Imogen Martin

Set mostly in Missouri in the years following the Civil War, Under a Gilded Sky is a historical romance novel that highlights the contrast between the realities of living in the wide open spaces of Missouri, and life in the city. Ginny and her sister Mary-Lou are trying to hold on to the family farm after the death of their father, but it is hard work for two women on their own, even ones as capable and self-reliant as the Snow sisters. When Mary-Lou finds Lex Carlton injured during a snow storm, they have no choice but to take him in and look after him as he would not survive otherwise. By pretending that their father is ill in bed upstairs, they don’t feel quite so vulnerable. There is an air of mystery surrounding Lex, he seems more cultured than the other ranch hands, and Ginny has her suspicions, but he gives very little away.

Ginny and Lex have a believable connection, but will have to overcome their misunderstandings, her pride, and his family in order to have a future together. The story is told from both points of view so we have some idea what they are thinking, but there are still surprises to be revealed along the way. The characters are well drawn, and the settings vividly described. Under a Gilded Sky is impressive for a debut novel and I look forward to reading Imogen Martin’s next book very soon. Thanks to Storm Publishing and NetGalley for a digital copy to review.