Published: 28 January 2020 28 January 2020

A Summer to Remember

I have long been a fan of Sue Moorcroft’s writing, and A Summer to Remember is yet another example of her superb storytelling.

This is no sugar-coated romance, but real characters facing, and dealing with, real-life problems.

At the beginning we feel for Clancy; her life has been turned upside down, but she is resourceful and resilient. She goes to Nelson’s Bar to lick her wounds, but comes to love the place and doesn’t want to leave.  

Sue paints a vivid picture of the North Norfolk coast and you can almost smell the salty sea air in ‘Sunny Hunny’ (Hunstanton).

The characters are well drawn and completely convincing, even the horrible ones. I particularly liked Dilys and Ernie, who stayed married but lived next door to each other, Harry and Rory, whose story is told with great sensitivity, and Nelson the dog.

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for a copy to review.