Bury Them Deep by James Oswald

Bury Them Deep is the tenth book to feature DCI Tony McLean, and they just keep getting better and better. You could read this as a standalone, but I’m a great believer in starting from the beginning as the accumulated backstory gives you a much more nuanced read.

Tony’s team are part of Operation Caterwaul, a multi-agency investigation into financial fraud involving some very influential people; security is of the utmost importance, and not even Tony knows all the details.

The most senior of the admin staff, Anya Renfrew, does not turn up for work. With her high security clearance, the senior officers fear that the operation is compromised. As a matter of urgency, Tony is given the job of finding her. This suits him fine as it gets him out in the field, doing what he does best, instead of having to focus on his neverending stack of paperwork.

From here on in, James Oswald skillfully weaves several plot strands together, and builds up to a truly shocking finale. Edinburgh is enjoying a period of unusually hot weather, which adds to the already strained atmosphere. There is always a sense of something ‘other’ in this series, and here it involves Scottish folklore, and local myths and legends. Anya’s car is found burnt out in a forest where other women are rumoured to have disappeared. Human bones are found after a forest fire. What transpires is more gruesome than anything you could have imagined.

Most of the story is told from Tony’s point of view; his narrative voice is what makes these books so enjoyable. He is a flawed human being, but an excellent, intuitive detective. I love his total disregard for the concerns of his media- and budget-obsessed superior officers. All the usual members of his team are there, and this enables you to immerse yourself in the story straightaway. I look forward to reading the next instalment in the story of Tony McLean.

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