Murder on the Oxford Canal

Originally written in 2004, this is the first book in a series being republished by Joffe Books. Set in the Thames Valley near Oxford, its main character is DI Hillary Greene. The opening chapter makes us wonder what exactly is going on – we are not sure where she is and why she is not very happy about it? All will soon be revealed. I was not sure about Hillary Greene at the beginning of this novel but slowly came to care about what was happening to her.

To say she is having a difficult time would be a mild understatement. She is going through an acrimonious divorce, is forced to live on a narrowboat, some of the team she works with are quite unpleasant and she is being investigated by the Discipline and Complaints Department (officers from the North Yorkshire force) as her ex-husband Ronnie (now deceased but also a police officer) was bent and they think she knows where he has hidden a lot of money.

She starts off investigating the case of a body found in the canal (given to her to keep her out of the way of the D&C officers) but it turns out to be part of something much bigger. I look forward to reading the other books in this series.

Thanks to Joffe Books for providing me with an ARC in return for an unbiased review.