The Mum Who Got Her Life Back

This is the story of Nadia who finds love again, in her fifties, after her children have flown the nest and gone off to university.

For a while, she enjoys her freedom and her new relationship with Jack. Then her son comes home, and announces that he is no longer going travelling with his girlfriend for the summer, or going back to university, and everything falls apart.

Alfie is a lazy, tiresome and self-obsessed teenager and Nadia panders to him too much (his twin sister doesn’t get nearly as much attention). By the time Jack finally gets him to open up about what went wrong, I really didn’t care that much.

There are some nice touches – I liked that it was set in Glasgow, and enjoyed the descriptions of the trip to Barcelona – but the rest of the story seems to fall flat, and does not live up to expectations.    

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for an honest review.