Maybe One Day by Debbie Johnson

Maybe One Day was recommended in Milly Johnson’s email newsletter so I thought I’d give it a go. The road trip element was part of the attraction (I love road movies) as were the hidden letters.

Jess has just been to her mother’s funeral. Afterwards, while searching the attic, she discovers a box of cards and letters that she has never seen before. The oldest of these letters goes back seventeen years. Parents hiding mail from their children, thinking they know best, is a well-used device that works really well here. It provides the impetus for the rest of the story. Our curiosity is aroused; what happened, and why did they conceal the letters?

This beautifully written story is about so much more than a search for lost love; it also illustrates the importance of friendship, and how damage done in childhood can be overcome, but will still leave its mark. The effects of grief on mental health are dealt with sensitively. What happened to Jess and Joe all those years ago affected them differently. They found ways to cope, but they will always bear the scars.

While parts of this story are heartbreaking, this is offset by humour. I enjoyed the banter between Jess’s cousin, Michael, and Belinda (an old friend of Joe’s). As they accompany Jess on the road trip, from Manchester to Ireland, Cornwall, London and New York, they are resourceful and help to keep her spirits up.

If I had one small criticism of Maybe One Day, it would be the ending. Without giving anything away, I thought it came to a bit of an abrupt halt. I would have liked more.

I would definitely recommend this book, but it will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride so keep the tissues handy.